Uni Vert Durable

Landscape Architecture Office

The Firme

Founded by Jérôme Lemez, UNI VERT DURABLE is a landscape architecture office located in the Indian Ocean, on Réunion Island.

Landscape architecture ?

The firm specializes in the conception of private gardens, public spaces and in large landscape studies. Its landscape architects conceive and design external development projects, ranging from gardens to large spaces.

There are no small projects or small ideas. Whatever the demand is, whatever the site, or the users, the designers give full commitment in creating tangible proposals. They are landscape generalists who englobe the overall development of the project and produce concrete and realistic visuals. When necessary they team up with other engineering firms, as well as building architects, urban planners, ecologists...


Note that the firm is not directly related to the physical execution of the project ; it is a design engineering firm that conceives every step of the project, monitors and controls the work until completion.