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In order to answers to the needs of private clients and professionals, the firm offers a study concept conducted in three phases. All phases are independent, allowing everyone to see their own project moving forward gradually without engaging immediately on all the work. This "à la carte" principle adapts itself to each customer's needs.


This is the purely creative part of the design process! It is at this point that the landscape architect designs the gardens. They propose a general picture of the space, define a mood, organize the living spaces, and decide on the dimensions of the elements...

This step begins with a meeting with the client on the terrain. At that time, they take notes of all their remarks, wishes, tastes and lifestyles. They also take the opportunity to carry out a topographic survey of the garden, as well as photographs, measurements and various notes are taken. Next the designers enhance the draft of the project, brainstorm among themselves, they then make a model; they give it body! It is a true work of the synthesis of all the information given by the client, all the components measured on site, and the entire designer’s knowledge (regulations, construction techniques, plant development...). The result leads to a fluid furnished area, aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The draft outline is then presented to the client by images and plans in colour, accompanied by an estimate cost of work.





This is the engineering stage of the project! The team gives real meaning to the garden by precisely defining the type and dimensions of the various materials. This involves developing a set of technical plans specific to each trade (demolition, earthworks, masonry, carpentry, ironwork, plantations...).

The experts accompany their clients to the suppliers in plants, furniture, to discuss together all the advantages and the interest of each person to make a choice according to the client’s taste.

Finally, comparative quotations are requested from various constructions bodies in order to select the most competitive and advantageous cost estimate (price and quality).






The project is materializing and the work begins! Landscape architects ensure all monitoring of the construction process. They ensure the coordination among the various construction bodies and make every effort to ensure that the work is carried out on time, within budget, upholding the construction regulation rules and standards. The object is to defend the interests of the client in order to obtain a garden that is as accurately close as possible to the images presented. For that the designers develop and update throughout the length of construction the schedules and detailed plans. They discuss with contractors implementing modes of access to the working site, work phases, storage areas, maintaining a clean site, the delivery of materials... As well as, following the financial payments of the contractors according to the amount of work carried out.

Weekly meetings are conducted on site, and some unannounced visits are made. The landscape architects are present until the delivery of the site (completion of work)


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